UniBody Macbook pro's Restrict iMovie/isight Capabilities

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by halfscottishguy, Jan 14, 2010.

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    Nov 2, 2007
    Earlier this year I had to buy a new (S-Leopard) 15' Unibody MacBook Pro (after my previous model 17' pro met an untimely demise due to a kid fiddling with the zip on my bag, causing my laptop to fall out and break. >_<) and I have recently tried to use iMovie again. I opened it up and opened the camera feed to access my isight, and was annoyed to find the feed was in 3x4, I checked my mums iMac and on hers, below the feed there was an option to change the feed dimensions (as there was on my old model (leopard) macbook pro) while on mine there was nothing, I called Mac Support thinking it was a bug or glitch and after a couple of hours I was informed that this was a limitation of the new unibody macbook pro's.

    is this right? apple have restricted the isight camera to only filming in 3x4 on the unibody macbooks pros? this seems ludicrous as all visual media is moving into the 16x9 format, why would apple remove this option.

    even if it is a different camera or something, they should still have a wide screen capture option as the video importer is a widescreen format box.

    Is there some sort of hack to re add this option? there are other ways to get my video into 16x9 but none of them are as convenient. it makes no sense to me why apple would remove the option.

    Pictures explain what my words may have failed to do.


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    Because the iSight camera doesn't have a wide-angle lens -.-'

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