Unibody MBP Scratched During Battery Replacement


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Aug 11, 2007
Hi, friends,
So, as of today, I've had my current MBP for 3 years. I upgraded to ML last week and noticed -- like others have reported -- my battery life plummeted by almost half (or so I thought). While I've always had no problem getting at least 5 hours out of my battery, but after the upgrade I was down to 2:30-3:00. I performed a clean *Lion* install, but that didn't fix the problem. AppleCare said to go in for service "to be safe," since I had one day left on my warranty.

I took it in and they said they'd replace the battery to see if that would help. I asked -- since I'm incredibly careful with my Macs -- that they be extra careful handling it (apologizing for seeming all "OCD" about it). After 3 years, the system had NO scratches on it (seriously -- I could post the thing on eBay as "pristine," save for some wear on the keys of the keyboard). Unsurprisingly, but as I expected, it came back 10 minutes later with a scratch on the bottom of it.

Now, I've taken the bottom panel off enough times to know you can do it EASILY without scratching the thing, but I've never gotten a Mac into and out of the Apple Store without it getting scratched. It is just a little scratch, but since the exterior was in perfect shape, I asked the manager, who happened to be walking by, about it. He offered to replace the bottom panel for me later this week.

PROBLEM: while they are willing to replace it, the new bottom panel will not have the serial number on it.

So, anyone have an opinion on what I should do? I don't really like having even a small scratch on the panel (especially one that clearly came from the Genius being careless, presumably, about where he set the bottom panel when he took it off), but I'm not so sure it isn't better to have a scratched bottom with a serial number than a bottom with no S/N. Anyone have experience on how either of these scenarios affect resale value?




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May 16, 2008
I'd get the bottom replaced. Better to have no scratch. There are other places where you can find the serial number.


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Aug 6, 2010
In all honesty, its a 3 year old machine out of warranty, so a serial number is fairly pointless for anyone buying it later on.


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Sep 28, 2012
scratches and more after a repair

May I ask something about this case? Could you see the scratch in all situations? For example I hat a repair of my 3000$ Macbook Pro and got a replacement of the Display. After receiving it, the Display was scratched (2-3 scratches) and the bottom case wiggles. I went to the retail store and they denied to repair it: the scratches can only be seen in sunlight and the wiggling is no problem! What do you think about this? Is it really Apple-like?