Unibody Power/Boot issue

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Guy Mancuso, May 21, 2009.

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    Mar 28, 2009
    Morning . Well about the only remaining irritation I have is booting up. The new 15 uni works great and no real issues except when booting. My issue seems to be on having too much power draw on booting up with all the additional Firewire 800, USB, E-sata , 30 inch Monitor , Audio, Ethernet , 2 SSD drives and 8gbs of Ram. Okay a lot of crap on board that sucks a lot of juice to fire up. My feeling is the MBP just can take only so much draw on those port connections. Now I'm not your normal user , I have a lot of stuff that goes on this box and what happens is I will see the apple logo but it will just not spin to boot. What I have to do is pull the Firewire 800 cable and boot without it and it works fine but just a PITA. Now I'm not sure how many folks have this much stuff on boot up going on but I do have a lot and I will point out what I have to give you a idea on load.
    Firewire 800 connected to a Drobo
    Usb Monitor 30 inch Cinema which has the Mouse connected to it
    USB powered hub connecter which has a external DVD, Flat Bed scanner, Keyboard, CF card reader
    Mini Display port for 30 inch
    Audio external speakers
    Expresscard slot being used with a E-Sata drive

    So as you can see there is just a ton of power draw to boot this stuff up. The E-sata drive is always on but the Drobo is not.

    Just wandering am I alone here with having to pull something offline to boot
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    Powered Hubs?

    Man you've got that laptop cooking ;) I had a similar problem with USB on one of my old mirror Mac desktop that I had filled with three drives.

    I am wondering if you could get a powered Firewire/USB hub or a powered E-Sata hub? I don't know if that would reduce the amount of juice your laptop needs to generate? Of course hubs have been known to introduce issues. This is all a guess. I wish you luck. I ran an older MBP booting off a RAID0 external with a 25" screen and it worked great closed lid.


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