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Unicode Proposes Regional Emoji Flags for Next Year


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Apr 12, 2001

The Unicode Consortium has announced a proposed update to its emoji documentation that provides support for regional flag emojis.

As noted by Emojipedia, the new functionality and guidelines would allow for Apple and other vendors to implement emojis for regions such as U.S. states, Canadian provinces and territories, or countries of the United Kingdom.

Flags representing California or Texas, for example, or England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, could be added in a future iOS update.

The Unicode Consortium stopped short of recommending specific flags for vendors to support, and it said there is no requirement that any of the regional flags be supported. In other words, Apple in particular would be free to choose which regional flags to add to its iOS and macOS platforms if any.

Emojipedia said the Emoji 5.0 update is likely to be released in the first half of 2017, although an official date has not been specified. The proposed update is currently available for public review and feedback until January 16, 2017.

Some apps such as WhatsApp have already worked around the existing Unicode standards to support flags for England, Scotland, Wales, and other regions.

Article Link: Unicode Proposes Regional Emoji Flags for Next Year
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Jan 9, 2016
We need a reimagining of the emoji keyboard like 3 years ago. Or maybe a better way to organize frequently used emoji.
Blame the GUI.
Yes... Or at least a search bar like on the Mac.

STOP already, I already can't scroll through all of the unnecessary ones
Currently, it is easier to type in the word for the emoji you want then use the prediction system to select the emoji.


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Mar 31, 2016
California, USA
I use emojis regularly and like them for adding mood and context to messages, but I hope they soon figure out a new menu since scrolling through hundreds isn't useful anymore
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Mar 11, 2014
MacRumors reveals keynote features of next macOS and iOS release: Long Beach!

Apple's special sauce will be to make it cool by making them appear to wave and a brand new emoji dictionary app. Secondary announcements will include deprecation of english dictionary and dictionary app, with the familiar Courage mantra. The name of the release will be Long Beach, in memorial to being the former spot of the world's largest "Superflag" flag.

Instead of working on interpretation algorithms, we are building a clipart library longer than a full unabridged dictionary. People are worried about soundbite journalism while we dumb things down to icons. I remember when operating systems actually strived to do big things.

Today's post is brought to you by the pull my finger to fart emoji, the silent-but-deadly emoji and the number middle finger emoji.
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