iPad Pro Unicorn Beetle Pro Case (iPad Pro 12.9 and iPhone 7 plus)

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Synergie, Oct 22, 2016.

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    I just received in the mail yesterday my Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro for iPad 12.9 and the exact same case to match for my iPhone 7 Plus. I got both in white and grey since I have white / silver for both the iPad and the iPhone.

    Cost: you can't go wrong seriously! 29.99 CDN for the iPad Pro case and 24.99 I think for the iPhone 7 plus case. I didn't expect much at that price point but I was hugely surprised!

    Protection: I had wanted a case that was rugged, but fairly slim, and covered all sides of the iPad since most seem to leave one side open for the cover and I managed to get a little dent on that open side when the cover was open :( I dont really need the cover since I put it in a carrying bag when not in use. But I did want protection on all 4 sides because the aluminum scratches easily. Anyway this case covers all 4 sides so no, you can't use the Apple Smart Cover or the Smart Keyboard with it. Doesn't matter for me since I prefer the Apple wireless keyboard anyway.

    The case is two pieces, a back cover and a front screen cover. The back piece has rubberized sides that snap over the front piece so your device is fully enclosed and protected. The iPhone Unicorn Beetle Pro has a built in screen protector but the iPad case does not. I removed the screen protector on the iPhone one anyway (it comes right out) because I prefer the feel of the actual screen. I guess the iPad one didn't come with it because of Apple Pencil compatibility issues. All ports are protected from dust and splashes but it's not waterproof like life proof.

    I should mention the sound is in no way hindered by the rugged protection offered in either case. The iPad Pro 12.9 sound is phenomenal and I'd hate a case that dampened it. I have had iPhone cases which did just that. This actually may even amplify the base a bit making it sound even better! How I don't know but it does sound awesome.

    Feel: it has great grip! It feels good to hold but does add some weight to the device. Not too bad though. Weighs less than Otterbox defender. It actually feels easier to hold the iPad Pro in one hand now.

    iPad case also has a stand which works in both portrait and landscape modes. But it does only have one setting.

    For the cost I'd highly recommend it! It's like 1/3 the cost of otterbox etc.

    Plus they have the matching iPhone cases if you are like me and want things to match :)

    I didn't get to take any pics of them yet as I just got them. But here are their product photos. I really just wanted to recommend it if anyone was looking for a good case.

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    I just realized I accidentally put this in iPad forum and not accessories. If a mod wants to move it...
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    Jul 1, 2010
    I've had both cases and they are very good! The iPad Pro case is in my opinion one of the best cases out there!
  4. mellofello macrumors 65816

    Feb 1, 2011
    I took a hard look at this case but just ordered the uag due to seemingly better range of motion for kickstand

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