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    Hi there, I got a problem here. I've tried to uninstall Tuxera by deleting it from applications, and some files from library. I also run a script on my terminal that I found on Tuxera website (/Library/Filesystems/fusefs_txantfs.fs/Contents/Resources/Support/uninstall-package.sh):

    Buy I think something is wrong, the program still installed? each time I connect my disk I got this message:

    I thought I could fixit by installing again and remove in a best way, but now when try to reinstall Tuxera I got this message:


    Any idea on how to leave everything normal again?

    Thank you.
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    Oct 25, 2015
    See if this helps: http://macremover.com/uninstallguid...-ntfs-from-mac-without-traces-leaving-behind/
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    Or - Go to Finder and pull down the Go menu to "Go to Folder". Copy and paste the following line into the resulting window and hit return:


    A folder should open. In the folder look for a file called "uninstall-package.sh" and double click on it.
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    Try an app called Appzapper, it helps me uninstall applications with all their directories in one click; it is not free, though, so you may consider other similar apps if you don't want to pay.
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    I use apptrap myself.

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