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    May 27, 2011
    The latest version of Poison Maps ("POIs on Maps") contains many great new features, including a unique use of 3D Touch to enable rapid panning across maps by temporarily zooming out according to how hard you press.

    The idea is simple: Press and the map zooms out, showing a box around the original area. Press harder and it zooms out further. Move your finger (and the box) to a new area on the map, then let go and it zooms back in to show that area. Get near the edge of the map whilst pressing and it will automatically pan in that direction.

    You can see it in action in this 1 minute video (which contains narration):

    There are lots of benefits of using this gesture:

    1) It requires just one touch of one finger, which is easier and faster than pinching & swiping;
    2) This also makes it useful in terms of accessibility for users unable to pinch;
    3) It would also be easier to use on a small screen such as a smartwatch, where pinching is impractical;
    4) Press without moving and it zooms out to show the surroundings; let go to zoom back in to where you were;
    5) It is generic enough to be of use on many types of apps, not just map apps.
    6) It is particularly useful when you tend to work at the same scale, such as when reading a large PDF or a desktop website.

    The app is a general purpose maps app that works in a completely different way to any other maps app. It contains over 24 million POIs of all types, and over 3 million miles of useful routes (railways maps, cycle routes, bus and tram routes, hiking trails, ski pistes etc). All of this is stored on your device, which makes it lightning fast to display, as well as usable even when offline.

    This version has loads of other new features, such as a great Watch app, which is described on the Watch App forum. Note that the iPhone app contains a fully working actual size demo of the Watch app, so if you are thinking of getting an Apple Watch (for Xmas maybe) then you can get an idea now of how Poison Maps will look and run on it:


    The latest version also has enhanced metro map features, including colour-coded maps of over 200 cities, with the ability to select stations, lines and routes:

    All of the unique features of the app have been enhanced to work even more smoothly. This includes compass mode, which allows you to easily navigate to any type of POI, anywhere in the world, even without a data connection:

    If you wish to try out the app then bear in mind that the global version is large, so you may wish to install one of the 10 free regional versions. All versions contain the 3D Touch Gesture. The free versions include most POI categories, with the remainder available as a single In App Purchase for 99c.

    Global version on the AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/poison-maps/id569489565?mt=8
    Free North American version: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/poison-maps-north-america/id766399157?mt=8
    Free UK Version: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/poison-maps-uk-ireland/id739773195?mt=8

    If you have any questions about the app, then please let me know.
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    May 27, 2011
    The unique 3D Touch gesture has had great reviews:

    The Loop said "I really love the new one finger zooming/panning 3D Touch gesture” and "The UI folks at Apple should take a look at this”:

    CultOfMac said: “the 3D Touch gesture works great” and “Why didn’t Apple think to implement 3D Touch like this into Maps?”:

    iTopNews said (translated from German): "worked amazingly well in our test” and “this is the future of Apps":
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    May 27, 2011
    It's a year later so I thought I would bump this thread to inform anyone who has bought their first iPhone with 3D Touch in the last year: Poison Maps still includes the most original use of 3D Touch in any app of any kind (IMHO).

    The latest version has loads of new features, including a completely revised user interface; auto zooming; dark mode; improved 3D Touch capabilities; improved in-app browsing; multiple language support; and much more.

    I have also massively improved the watch app, as discussed in this thread:


    And if you haven't got an Apple Watch but are thinking of getting one then the iPhone app includes a fully working, actual size demo of the Watch app. This enables you to see what a Watch app can offer, and to help you decide what size Watch to buy.

    Please give the app a try and let me know what you think.

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