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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by YoYoMa, Oct 20, 2006.

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    Aug 3, 2006
    I'm looking at a really large binary group and, being it's so big, I have to download the headers in thirds or else I run out of RAM (I've got 3GB too!) I'm used to using xnews as my windows newreader and that program allows me to pick where I begin downloading the headers. Thus I can cancel my headers download one thrid of the way through, then look through it, then start up at my previous stopping point to begin downloading the second third.

    I really hope that Unison allows something like this as well but I've yet to find it. The only options I see are get more posts, get latest posts, and get all posts. Anyone who uses Unison know anything about this?
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    Apr 13, 2006
    Choosing how many posts to retrieve from groups

    There can be hundreds of thousands of posts in any individual group. It takes time for Unison to download and organize them all. For this reason, Unison will only download a few thousand of the most recent posts available when you first open a group.

    To configure how many posts Unison initially downloads from a group when it is opened, choose Preferences from the Unison menu, click Server, and enter the desired number into "Item download limit".

    If you load a group and find that some items are incomplete because you did not download enough headers, you can select Get More Posts from the Group menu to download the next set of headers.


    Clearing messages for faster loading

    If you frequently read groups with millions of headers, the large number of downloaded headers can affect Unison's performance. Clearing messages will remove the messages from Unison's database, while still maintaining an understanding of what you've seen. The next time you open a group, all of the new items posted since your last visit will load, without the overhead of Unison sorting through the old items as well.

    To clear Unison's database for a group, choose Clear Messages from the Group menu.

    Note: unlike marking messages as read, once a group's messages have been cleared, there is no way to retrieve the older messages without completely resetting your Unison cache.

    Tip: Only use Clear Messages with extremely large groups. Most groups will not benefit from it.
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    Aug 3, 2006
    Thanks very much for the response. Much of this I knew however. I need to beable to pick which headers I download, and which I don't. Basically what I need is to beable to erase the headers I've already downloaded when my RAM fills up, and then begin downloading again from where I had left off. Say a group has 30 million articles and I only have enough RAM to see 10 million at once. I need to beable to see the first 10 million, then the second 10 million, then the third 10 million. Is this possible in Unison?

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