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    This is a easy-to-go game.You will love it within less a minute.Just clear the same fish by tapping the intersectional place.Tapping wrong place will get punished.Accomplish each level by clearing all the fish.

    This game support so many modes with splendid user interface!
    Single player, two players of duel mode with one pad, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth & GameCenter multiplayers are all supported!

    - Universal App. Just buy once and you can play it with iPad or iPhone.
    - Support Retina Display.
    - Interesting Game Props.Many game props will make game more interesting.
    - So Many Game Modes.Single & MultiPlayers are all supported.Multiplayers will support maximum 4 players at the same time.
    Arcade Mode.
    Classic Mode.
    Survival Mode.
    Duel Mode.
    WiFi&Bluetooth MultiPlayers.
    GameCenter Multiplayers.
    - Support Device Shake Detected.To use the game props, just shake the device.


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