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Feb 4, 2007
I am looking to use one of my old phones as a dedicated universal remote and wanted to get some input of anyone who has had first hand experience with this type of use.
I have looked at several different apps already so I am a little familiar with what is out there. This is my current set-up and what I want to use the app for:

1. Onkyo TX-SR606
2. Sony KDL-46Z4100
3. 2006 Mac Mini with upgraded CPU to a Core 2 Duo 2.16ghz
4. Plex

My primary use would be watching movies/TV shows through the Plex interface and as such control of Plex is a must. I know that total control of the Onkyo and Sony should not be a problem, but what about the Mac Mini? Do any of the current software apps allow for total control of turning on and off the Mini? Also, I have 'Remote Buddy' on the Mini so would these apps be able to integrate with RB and allow for control of various software applications on the Mini?
I do not watch much TV so the main feature of apps like 'Peel' (finding the TV shows you like) are not important to me.
Thanks for any input that you might have.
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