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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by nownot, Mar 4, 2009.

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    Were working on a project for school and the other members want me to add in code i've previously written. The problem is that i have the understanding that all projects done for a grade at a university is the universities property afterwards, so at the end if i add my code in and make it a single entity my code will no longer be "my" code but since its part of this projects the ownership goes along with it, to the university. Do i have this correct? or am i misunderstanding something here? thanks for any advice.
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    Um... no.
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    I've come across this before but I've never seen it enforced either on my friends projects or my own.
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    I'd talk to your supervisor AND someone at the research office at your uni, who I'm sure have a better understanding of the law and intellectual property laws in your state/country than the supervisor. I'd ask both anyway.

    There may also be a person in charge of "commercialisation" on campus whose job is to help professors and researchers turn these products and ideas into physical products, or things that are licencable (made up term?), which can then be turned into profit. I know who this person is at my university, so perhaps there's one at your university as well. :confused:
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    Did you sign anything to this effect when you entered school?

    Regardless, you didn't write this code for a school project. Put it in a self-contained module, slap a copyright statement in every source file, write up a quick license specifically granting your classmates rights to use the module in a class project and make sure the project acknowledges use of your copyrighted code. Make it clear that your contribution is not to be evaluated on the basis of that module.

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