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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by tann, Sep 29, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    I'm in my final year of studying and I have to do a (roughly 6 month project - about 1/4 of my final year marks. Also bare in mind 70% of those marks are actually from the final report I write.) on something, so I thought why not try app development.

    On the surface it's a to do list app, but to make things more interesting for every task a person completes they get xp and can level up (so it's like a game that should help you become more productive).

    Though there wouldn't just be fixed amounts of xp for each item done, instead it will understand what you write for each particular task on the list and assign it xp depending on how small, big or productive a task was.

    Now I have no experience of objective c, but I have done some C/C++ and a fair amount of Java so how hard would something like this be to build?

    Also things like notifications and reminders, how hard are they to implement?

    Also iCloud and iPhone/iPad compatible apps (so the lists would sync)?

    I also like the idea of integrating with game center so you can get achievements and have friends or just log in with facebook and have a facebook friends list.

    The idea still isn't fully fleshed out and I never plan on trying to release it into the app store.

    Thoughts? Would this be manageable for a newbie?
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    If you're putting 40 hours a week into it for six months, I definitely feel that you can do it.

    I like the idea, although it seems to me having it automatically assign XP could be the most tricky part.

    Two ideas I have to make it possibly even more unique:
    1 - Rather than just check off goals, let users include an optional write up, and maybe include a timeline somewhere where they can see how long they spent on each goal. That way, they end up having a wicked cool journal kind of thing, where they can come back years later and reflect on what they've done with their life. I know that's part of my New Year's routine... I always write down 10 goals, and then once a month I reflect on how far along I've come on each goal and write a bit about any progress I've made. I've been doing it for five years and its fun to go back and look. In ~15-20 years, I imagine my future kids will like seeing what my goals were when I was their age and how well I accomplished (or didn't accomplish*) them.
    * On that note, maybe allow them to say they've failed at a goal, but give some XP for trying if it was a huge goal.

    2 - Maybe allow goals to be categorized. IE, physical goals (work outs, diets, record setting), social goals (become friends with someone, join a club, have a party with 20 people, etc.), work goals (employee of the month, promotion, finish a project,), educational goals (learn a language, get straight A's,), personal goals (clean the house, get contacts) and so on and so on. Allow them to gain XP and level up in each category seperately. So maybe they're really strong in one category, and need to improve in another.

    Enough of me hijacking your project with my own ideas. Here's my suggestions:

    Since you already know C, I think you can dive right into Stanford's free iOS development lectures available on iTunes Connect. Watch those and do the exercises. If you apply yourself 40 hours a week, getting through should take a month or less.

    For your project, I figure the minimum viable product won't take more than two months to achieve. Integrating with Game Center, iCloud, and the other things you list aren't essential; save them for last. If you run out of time and can't do those, so be it, you should be able to do your 70% of the grade report without them.

    Good luck
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    Nottingham, England
    Thanks for the reply!

    Yeah I also feel that the automated application of XP will be the hardest bit, but it'll hopefully be fun to try to implement!

    I like both of your ideas actually, idea 1 is useful and expands on the functionality of the app.

    Idea 2 is one that I will actually look more into to start with as it just seems to expand on the core of the experience, and I never thought of doing that! It'll make people (theoretically) better all around.

    I'll look at Stanfords iOS dev lectures, I actually found them the other month but I haven't got around to watching them, I've only heard great things about it though!

    Yes, I'll leave out most of the 'extras' until I have the core application running. I think I should definitely be able to have something presentable, and the report I can write down what I did or did not do, ideas for further expansion etc. It'll be a good few months!

    Thanks again :).

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