Unix hidden games in OS X and other oddities

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by ITR 81, Dec 18, 2003.

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    Oct 24, 2003
    To view what you can pick from type this in your terminal:
    For Jag users:
    ls /usr/share/emacs/21.1/lisp/play then hit 'return'.

    For Panther users:
    ls /usr/share/emacs/21.2/lisp/play then hit 'return'.

    This gives you a display of all the games you can play or progs you can use.

    If your using Panther some of the games will be in colour form like Tetris is.

    To get to the games. Launch a new window and type: emacs and then hit 'return'.

    To get to emacs prompt hit both 'esc' and 'x' at the sametime. It will bring up the 'M-x' prompt. At this prompt you can type any of the progs in the list and play or use them or be amused by them.

    My favs are:
    gomoku: a connect 5 game.

    snake: everyone knows snake.

    tetris: in colour this time.

    pong: needs two people to play.

    doctor: it's a Mac Shrink Bot.

    life: it's a prog that replicates to see how many generations it can make of it's self before dying out completely.

    animate: great for animating text and special msg for Sarah pops up when you first use it.

    dunnet: runs just like an old MUD game would.

    yow: for everytime you type yow in it gives back a smarty come back like:
    "Somewhere in DOWNTOWN BURBANK a prostitute is OVERCOOKING a LAMB CHOP!!"

    zone: everytime you type it in it does something funky to the text on screen.

    handwrite: allows all the text that is on screen to be printed out on your printer via your terminal. It may do more but I haven't played with it enough yet.

    mpuz: is game where your trying to figure out the code via the examples it gives. Or atleast thats how I play it.

    I'm just very impressed with all these hidden games and progs. To me Tetris and snake alone make this worth while. Now if only they can had gorilla I'd be in retro heaven.

    Too bad they couldn't had a few midi files with Tetris.

    Oh yeah either 'q' or 'quit' usually get you out the game or just press 'esc' and 'x' a couple times to get back to the prompt again.
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    Oct 24, 2003
    This sh*t is just funny:

    more statements from yow:
    "In order to make PLANS for the WEEKEND...so that we can read RESTAURANT
    REVIEWS and decide to GO to that restaurant & then NEVER GO...so we can
    meet a FRIEND after work in a BAR and COMPLAIN about Interior Sect'y
    JAMES WATT until the SUBJECT is changed to NUCLEAR BLACKMAIL...and so
    our RELATIVES can FORCE us to listen to HOCKEY STATISTICS while we
    wait for them to LEAVE on the 7:48...."

    "Well, here I am in AMERICA.. I LIKE it. I HATE it.
    I LIKE it. I HATE it. I LIKE it. I HATE it. I LIKE it.
    I HATE it. I LIKE.. EMOTIONS are SWEEPING over me!!"

    "Zippy's brain cells are straining to bridge synapses..."

    "When I met th'POPE back in '58, I scrubbed him with a MILD SOAP
    or DETERGENT for 15 minutes. He seemed to enjoy it.."
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    secret city
    i didnt even know this was in there man. cool. thanks for sharing.
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    Ah yes, emacs. The original piece of *nix bloatware. :) I think there's even a "kitchen sink" Easter Egg in it somewhere.

    Oh, I'm forgetting about LaTex - but that isn't on OS X as far as I know.

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