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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by scouser75, Oct 31, 2018.

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    I can tell you what I usually do. In fact I just did it to my iPad running the Electra jailbreak a couple of days ago.

    Step by step…

    1. Turn off Find My iPhone (so you don't have to deal with Activation Lock on restore)
    2. Connect iPhone to computer via USB cable, unlocked on homescreen. Trust the computer if you need.
    3. Open iTunes.
    *4. Backup iPhone (you said, clean install, but I assume you still want to keep your data; if not ignore this step).
    5. With phone still connected, put it in DFU Mode.
    6. When iTunes detects your phone, upgrade and restore
    *7 Restore from your backup to get your data back (assuming you want that). Delete the Yalu app if it's still there.
    8. Turn Find My iPhone back on.

    And you're done.
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    Thanks for the absolutely brilliant instructions mate.

    Is it just as easy to update via blobs?

    I'm getting cold feet about losing my jb and am thinking whether it would be better to wait and until a jb for ios 12 is released before updating, in which case I most likely will need to update via blobs.
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    Blob is only used if you plan to restore to the previous iOS even if it is not signed by Apple. For example, in the future an iOS 12 jailbreak comes out and this firmware is no longer signed. You use the IPSW and blob to restore back to it. Right now, iOS 12.0.1 is still signed so you can just update to it. You might as well just update to iOS 12.1.
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    Right, I'm a little confused o_O

    Currently, I'm on iOS 10.2 Yalu jailbreak. If, for example, Apple stops signing ios 12.0.1 tomorrow, how would I upgrade to ios 12.0.1?

    I thought the only way to UPGRADE or downgrade to an unsigned ios was if you have blobs saved (which I do) for the ios you want. Or have I got my wires crossed?

    My new plan is to wait for a 12 jailbreak, which if it were to happen will most likely be for ios 12.0.1. I will then upgrade from ios 10.2 to ios 12, but by then apple no doubt will have stopped signing 12.0.1.
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    Yes, the blob allow you to restore to unsigned firmware. I see an issue with that plan. If you have not updated to 12.0.1, you will not be able to save that blob for that firmware so you will not be able to even restore to that firmware if Apple stopped signing it. So you already missed out on iOS 12 chance to save that blob. if you wait, you may miss out on iOS 12.0.1 blob too. So you will have to update to save the blob, stay on that firmware or restore back to iOS 10 with the blob.
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    IOS 12.01. is still being signed by Apple, so you can still update to it (no blobs needed), but first you need to download IPSW 12.0.1 and than restore to it through iTunes. DFU and than SHIFT + RESTORE pointing to the downloaded IPSW.
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    I've already saved the iOS 12.0.1 blob. Pic below. It's currently sitting in my mail inbox and saved in my Dropbox. So I should be able to upgrade from my existing 10.2 at a later time.

    But I never saved my iOS 10.2 blob so absolutely not a chance to downgrade if I were to upgrade.

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    Lads, I've done something stupid and sacrificed my iOS 10 Yalu jailbreak for iOS 12.0.1!

    now "I'm an average nobody... get to live the rest of my life like a schnook" :eek: Well, hopefully not. So someone... anyone... please drop a 12 jailbreak! ;)

    Thanks all for your help in guiding me through this :)

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