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    Apr 19, 2014
    :confused: I have Samsung Galaxy Ace ll X.cellphone on with Fido...Surprisingly It only happens with Fido Numbers...Why is it that when someone is calling using a Fido Exchange, all I see is the Number and No Name ID ?? All other Exchanges I see both Name & Number...I've tried going the Reverse Number Route but all I get is the general location of the exchange and that exchange was generated by Fido...With of course the " For a Nominal Fee, We Can go further "..:mad: Unless I know who's calling the number will end up on the Reject List..Thanks
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    Sorry for this question, but you have a Samsung cellphone and you are asking about this question on the iPhone (Apple) Forum...??? Confused why you don't go to Samsungs website forum for your question. Had to ask
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    At the iPhone hacks section.
    Hey I have a problem with my lawnmower, I put gas in it and still wont start up.
    Oh wait, wrong forum again:D

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