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    I apologize if this is the wrong forum, but I am new to the forums here!

    On my iPhone, when I get a call from a certain number (it's a switchboard number -- in other words, its a University number) it displays on hte incoming call as "Unknown Number." However, when checking the voicemail, the name in my addressbook, "University Switchboard," comes up.

    Is there a reaosn/way to fix this so that I see "University Switchboard" when I originally get the call instead of Unknown?


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    Jul 14, 2008
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    If it displays as unavailable, it usually means that the caller is blocking Caller ID. This is common for things such as switchboards and health providers. You can't change it.

    The "problem" is that the voicemail system isn't honouring the Caller ID block, and is storing the caller's number anyway, seeing as the information is available to your carrier even if it's not displayed to you.
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    Jul 28, 2008
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    It's also common that they have a specific callout number, and it isn't the same as the one you call into.

    I used to work at UT Southwestern, and all outgoing calls went through a specific number, which was never used for anything except outgoing calls, no matter who was calling.

    It's quite common, and can't be changed.

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