unlimited data on vz moves to max data


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May 17, 2011
I stopped into my local verizon store today to ask about the ip6 and although they are still out of inventory, I got to talking to the manager. I asked him about upgrading to the ip6 but still keeping my udp. I currently have the old family plan where 2 of the lines are udp with ip5 and the other 3 lines are dumb lines. All lines are available for upgrades. I asked if I could use 2 of the dumb lines and purchase the ip6 and add a very basic data package to the 2 dumb phones and then immediately drop the data package and the 2 ip6 and put the old phones with the old call plans back and he said you can't do that anymore because verizon now makes you keep that basic data plan for a year or something. He said if you drop the data plan, you're still liable to pay the data plan even though you're not using it attached to a phone.

He then mentioned that they have something called a max data plan and said that it's not advertised but it's basically for people who have the udp and want to get a new phone but don't necessarily want to give up access to the udp. So the max data plan apparently was created as a compromise where you get 6gb of data, non-shared, per line for the same fee of $30.

It's not a way to keep the udp but still 6gb for the same $30 is better than nothing. This sounds too good to be true. Can anybody confirm if this plan is for real?


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Jan 21, 2011
New York
This is a true plan. They offered it to me when I was calling asking a question on my account. I have Unlimited reg plan (non family) I was like naahhh


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Nov 20, 2012
They also offered me a 8gb plan with mobile hotspot for $50. That is what I did with my wife's line.


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Mar 21, 2014
The Data Max option is a real option that's been available for around a year. There used to be 3 options - 6GB, 8GB (incl. 2GB MHS), and 10GB (incl. 2GB MHS), but VZW cut out the 10GB option about a month ago - I called in about this myself.

What hasn't been offered up here or by anyone you've talked with is that that "deal" is good for the first upgrade - it ends when you get your next upgrade, to whatever is being offered at the time. I have confirmed this with my rep.

One other thing to consider. I'm a light data user, and have multiple ULD lines. I've added a line with UL data using Apple's website, and upgraded my main line via Best Buy and kept UL data - using "loopholes" posted in MR, Slickdeals, and other places. That's not my point...

I had an iPhone 5 on my main line, and I rarely went over 2.5GB per month and got my iPhone 6 about 12 days into my billing period. I got my new line about 10 days into my billing period. My main line is sitting at 4.2GB and my new line is sitting at 2.5GB, with 3 days left - my data use has really spiked with both iPhone 6 handsets. I don't stream music, I don't "torrent" or use any other data hogs - but something's blasting through data, so, keep that in mind. If you can keep UL data on your VZW line - do that first, get the Data Max option fifth, or sixth (there aren't any 2nd, 3rd, etc...).


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Oct 14, 2014
Camp guy why don't you look at your settings, cellular, to look at what's taking up the most data. I had some random kid apps use up like .5 gig one day. ONE DAY!
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