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    I'm after alittle advice. I have a 3GS jailbroken and unlocked 4.2.1, newbootrom, baseband 06.15. I want to factory unlock it, which O2 won't do as I brought the phone from eBay, but another company said they can do it for £35. If I do that, and upgrade via iTunes will it change my baseband from 06.15 and fix my gps and battery drain? I'm really not fussed about jailbreaking it, but need an unlock as I'm on t mobile. Or will the new ultrasn0w update to allow me to unlock it as it is fix the gps??
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    Currently, there is no method to downgrade baseband on Iphones (except that rare bootloader 05.08 on 3G). Therefore, you have to stuck with 06.15 as per Dev team's advice on their blog when they come out this unlock method.

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