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    I am a total newbie to iPads and most Apple products so be gentle.

    I have an opportunity to obtain an iPad 2 from an auction house that is selling the contents of a defunct charter school. There are several that are listed as "locked". (I have NOT seen exactly what the screen says.) Apple's official answer is unless you can produced the original bill of sale with matching serial number, they can not help you.

    Googling around and checking on YouTube, it looks pretty simple, but I have a nephew who has said he had to login to iTune on the device to clear it so it could be sold.

    I just want the device reset to "factory" software. I don't care about any of the data on it.

    What is the real story ?

    Forgot to mention, these are WiFi only.
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    If it was a school, it probably used one of those MDM programs.

    Basically, if MDM management is set up, it is probably impossible to bypass, even with a complete wipe. Before turning in the iPads to a third party, the IT department should have turned it off on their end, but if the school when belly up, they probably were more worried if their final paycheck would bounce or not than dealing with releasing the iPads from the MDM system.

    If it is just locked with a passcode, no MDM or iCloud lock then it would be simple to enter DFU mode and wipe.

    I personally would pass.

    FYI, other than iOS, any Mac can also be locked down with the same system, if you are thinking about buying some other stuff from the same auction.

    This might be an interesting read:

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    That was gentle. I expected a LOT worse, as the OP just registered today. Although I guess iPad 2 isn't likely a very desirable thieves' target these days. Good luck, old wiz!
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    Odd are, you have an expensive coaster. Without original proof of ownership of the device, as stated by Apple, you cannot get into the device.

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