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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by zOdeac, Jun 7, 2011.

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    May 15, 2011
    Ok so I am an unlocker its the only reason i JB my phone is so i can use it on T-Mobile and now im to the point where ill just start buying Factory unlocked phones so im not in this same position.

    My backup phone is a 3GS running 05.16.02 version 4.3.1. I was thinking of doing the iPad update and move it to i think its 6.15.00 but what im looking for is the cons for this.

    If i can even do that wont i have problems with getting any other OS on there until they pass the 6.15? What other problems will i have by doing this?

    It is my backup phone that got updated by my daughter so its not like i need to do it right now but i was just thinking of selling it for about $200 and putting that t words a iPhone 4 that's Factory unlocked.

    I know the iPhone 5 will be coming and ill be getting that too but right now the phone is just sitting there as an alarm clock to wake me up and i figured i would sell this one if i unlock it. and only buy Factory unlocked ones.

    In short whats the pros and cons of doing the iPad 6.15.00 update?
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    copied from the dev-team blog. I assume it's a good place to get the info, ;)


    There is no way to come back down from 06.15, and there’s no hiding the baseband version from Apple. You’ll be voiding your warranty in a very obvious way.
    If some future baseband comes out with a critical fix, you won’t be able to update to it if it remains down in the 05.xx sequence (then again, you wouldn’t update to it if you wanted to keep your unlock anyway).
    Starting with FW 4.2.1 if you have 06.15 on your iPhone you won’t ever be able to restore to stock firmware (it will fail). You’ll need to only restore to custom IPSWs (then again, if you’re unlocker you should already be doing that).

    Unlockers have been reporting mixed results about GPS functionality at 06.15.00. Until we can track down what differentiates those who retain GPS vs. those who lose it, be conservative and assume you’ll lose GPS at 06.15.00. As we work on finding the cause (and possibly a fix), please report your personal findings in our comments section. (Update: early indications are that while 06.15.00 is capable of GPS, it will require some further hacks. But please still be conservative and assume you will lose GPS at 06.15, in case the hacks don’t work).

    Certainly don’t update to 06.15 if you don’t need to! Only do this if you need the unlock and you’re stuck on 05.14 or 05.15, and you’re willing to assume the above risks.
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    Basically what Labman said. Unfortunately, we do not know if/when Apple is going to release a firmware with a baseband above 6.15 and if it will even be available for the iPhone 3Gs.

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