Unlocked iPhone 4 stay unlocked?

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    Hi guys,

    Real quick one but I'm deciding on whether to buy a used iphone 4 or 4s. Basically what I want to know is if I buy a locked iPhone 4 from ebay and get it unlocked, will the phone stay unlocked if I swap out sims between providers?

    I'm going travelling next month to many different countries and need a phone where I can just hot swap out the sim.

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    Nov 7, 2012
    iPhone stays unlocked

    My sister in law purchased a locked Verizon iphone 4s. She used some sort of "rider" sim to use that phone on Simple Mobile. From what I understand, with that "rider" chip, she could use a sim from many different vendors in different parts of the world and it would work. No need to unlock.

    But to simply answer your question; if you unlock an iphone, it stays unlocked (especially if it was unlocked by the carrier). And it will work with any compatible provider sim even if you keep switching between them. Compatible provider means they have to be using the same technology. You can ask the SIM provider if their sims work with iphones or not.
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    Once you have it carrier unlocked via imei then it's forever unlocked and can work with any gsm sim in the world.
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    IMEI unlock not rider/ gevey sim

    An imei unlock is easy and cannot damage your iPhone. A gevey sim is ilegal and can get stuck in the phone...

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