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Dec 2, 2018
I received an iPhone XS Max as a gift. It was purchased via swappa from a reputable seller. It was listed as a Verizon iPhone, but it is a true unlocked sim free version. I have a pixel 3xl right now and tried to do the straight sim swap with no luck, getting the sim not supported message.

Called Verizon and they insisted it was compatible, but I needed a different SIM card. Told me they could mail it or I could stop at a store. I stopped in the local store in town and the manager was kind of a jerk, he basically took out my pixel sim and put it in the iPhone and said,this phone will not work on Verizon..I explained what the tech said last night... and he, it won’t, I’ve seen this before.

He wouldn’t even try a new sim. He did, however take out my daughters sim (from her Xs max) and try it...with no luck.

I left the store with no resolution, but once again called the 800 number. This tech checked the imei and said it is an unlocked iPhone, and yes it can be activated. So they are sending me a new sim ( claimed that the stores around didn’t have) and I should be able to activate.

Am I missing doing something I should? At this point I’m not very confident. This phone was sealed when I received it. I’m just wondering if I need to contact a higher level tech at Verizon?


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Apr 21, 2004
You know I’ve experienced this before. I can’t help you with a solution but I had a factory unlocked, bought full prize iPhone 8 Plus last year. I tried to activate it on a Verizon pre-paid and it wouldn’t activate. I ended staying with cricket (it’s an at&t mvno) and it works. T-Mobile works with no problem. Traveling overseas using a sim in the Philippines and Cambodia worked with no problem. But Verizon in the USA was no go.


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Sep 13, 2018
Fountain City
When I activated my Verizon iPad Pro at the Apple store recently, they discovered that there is a gen 1 Verizon SIM and a gen 2 Verizon SIM. No one knew the difference. Maybe you are experiencing an issue related to the type/version of the Verizon SIM cards?

Hope this gives you a clue because I sure don’t have one lol.
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