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    Looks like my iphone 5 (which is still under warranty) is having problems with the connection port at the bottom and I need to go to the apple store and have them look at it. I had this phone unlocked through an ebay service about 8 months ago. My question is, will they see that it's unlocked and replace it with another unlocked iPhone if it can't be fixed? I didn't think they would but after reading this on ChronicUnlocks.com, I thought they actually might....

    5. Congratulations! Your iPhone is now in the unlock databases for both Apple and AT&T. You can even go to an Apple Store if you have a problem with your phone, and the Genius Bar will see your phone as "Unlocked" in their system, so your replacement will also be factory unlocked!

    Has anyone had any luck getting their unlocked phones replaced?
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