Unlocking iPhone 6s plus AT&T on contract

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sfxguy, Oct 13, 2016.

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    Hi, I just bought a new iPhone 7 plus and stayed with AT&T. I went to unlock it for re-sale and was denied because I had used an upgrade from another plan member to upgrade it last year, (even though my number is now free of contract and the other person has an IPhone 6.)

    I tried using cellphoneunlock.net to get the sim unlock, and even though I emailed them and was told it wasn't a problem, I got a message back 5 minutes later saying they couldn't do it, but maybe if I pay them another $35 they could.

    I canceled the payment obviously.

    Does anyone know of a reliable unlock service that they have used recently with an on contract iPhone 6s plus on AT&T? It seems like most of the sites I have looked at say they can't.

    If anyone has some recommendations it would be appreciated.

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    I used swiftunlocks before but att unlocks have gone up and are pretty expensive.
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