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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by mrshad, Jan 6, 2013.

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    I have just got a iPhone 3GS via eBay. A very good buy. It is locked to O2 uk. My local quite smart looking phone shop has said £60 for full unlock or a cheaper method of £25 but when the I use the cheaper method I would have to connect the iPhone to iTunes after every time it was switched off.
    I can get it jail broken and unlocked via the net for £18 but I didn't want it jail broken and what's to say then I would still have the problem of the cheap unblocking.
    O2 would do a factory unlock but I have no security details and I have already given them the previous owners number which I'm worried may cause him problems. I have asked if he would unblock it with his security details but he doesn't want to.

    Mac power macs, iBook, iPad, iPhone 3GS wanting to get on Vodafone.
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    Why do you want to jailbreak a 3G? There are no benefits, and if you want to change carriers then just get it unlocked.

    Jailbreaking is not my field, but just read the threads here...You have an old device, perfectly serviceable...I'd keep it that way.
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    Best bet would be to get an IMEI unlock off eBay, for around £15 or so. These are permanent unlocks so no need to worry about upgrading/turning the phone off etc.

    These sort of listings are what you want - note not related to me, just first results I got in eBay:
    Link 1
    Link 2
    Link 2
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    If jailbreaking is not your field you statement that it brings nothing is a bit awkward, also he doesn't have a 3G but a 3GS, big difference!

    Jailbreaking brings more opportunities and possibilties to your 3GS.
    Depending on how old (serial#) it is and current firmware and if it was jailbroken previously, it can be either a untethered or terhered (the restart you mentioned) jailbreak.

    Some more information on the phone might solve that.

    On the unlock, like already posted, go for a IMEI unlock from an online service.
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    It seems all you want is to be able to use the phone not necessarily to jb, so I recommend an IMEI unlock, check the threads here for a good source and enjoy the 3GS, it's a great phone even w/ iOS 6.
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    Worst case scenario you should be able to get a PAYG SIM from an O2 shop, put £15 credit on it and then ask O2 to unlock it for you (see O2's site for details). Takes a while I seem to recall (up to 10 days they quote, I've had it quicker usually with contract phones) but it will be a proper unlock via iTunes which will remain ad infinitum.

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    I have been told I must go to iSO 4

    Thank you all very very much for your help. Little concerned I have been advised this:
    Iphone 3,3gs does not support version 6.0.1.
    It only support 5.1.1 if your phone on greater than 5.1.1 version then you first restore to 4.1.
    i have seen your phone on 6.0.1 version
    please downgrade this and let me know so that i can process unlocking

    This seems odd but does it mean I cant upgrade in the future to 6.01.? will all my apps still be able to run? How do I downgrade?
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    Oct 13, 2010
    It means the unlock will be done by Ultrasn0w, or a Sim interposer, it is not an IMEI unlock.

    For that you need the 05.13.04 BB or lower, his statement that you need to downgrade to 4.1 is useless, cause downgrading firmware does not diwngrade the BB, that has to be done manually with redsn0w.

    Try a different unlock service, IMEI unlock really is the way to go.

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