Unlocking Vodafone UK iPhone 4S - My Situation

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    Hello everyone.

    I live in Italy. I bought an iPhone 4S on eBay. The seller said the phone was fine except it was locked by Vodafone UK. It was sold to him by another person. The item arrived as described.

    I read on this page here that:
    "All you have to do is fill in the form to get your unlock code. Once you’ve sent it to us, we’ll get back to you within 48 hours. If we need to get in touch with your phone’s manufacturer, this may take an additional 7-10 days. We can’t send you an unlock code if your device is blacklisted.
    Pay as you go customer? You’ll pay £19.99. Before you fill out this form make sure you have enough credit so we can take the payment - if not, we can’t send your unlock code.

    I checked my iPhone's IMEI on multiple sites and it isn't blacklisted. I then bought a Vodafone UK sim card and registered it on the Vodafone UK site. Since £19.99 are requested to unlock I topped up £20 from here in Italy, (paying even more than 20£, but it was fine with me).

    I then filled my form to unlock the iPhone 4S, filling the data of my newly bought Vodafone UK sim with £20 of credit inside) and sent my request to Vodafone. I almost immediately received this email:
    "Thank you for your mail regarding your Network Unlocking Code. We will endeavour to respond to you within our specified Service Levels below.
    Escalations regarding previous queries will always be given a higher priority and resolved at the earliest opportunity.

    All manufacturers - 48 working hours

    If the manufacturer has to be contacted, this will take longer (7/10 working days).

    Kind Regards
    NUC Resolutions Team
    Customer Service Support at Stoke

    Does that mean everything will go fine and my request has been accepted? Or there's still a chance I won't get my iPhone unlock? I'm quite apprehensive about this, and I just want to know if everyhting went fine.

    I'm asking this because of two reasons.
    First. Searching and reading around I came across many people saying that you have to be the person who bought the phone in order to unlock it. Is this true?? I really hope not.
    Second. Checking again my IMEI, just for curiosity, I read this on some sites:
    "Estimated Purchase Date: 16.04.2012
    Estimated Contract Until: 16.04.2014
    Sim status: Locked"
    Now, can this affect the unlocking process? If yes, can it be that the contract has been already paid and those sites just show an estimated situation?

    IN SHORT: I want to know, basing on my situation above, if I can be sure that my iPhone will be unlocked. I also would like to know how much time the whole process will require.

    Thanks a lot for taking your time to read. Eagerly waiting for replies.
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    I would think that is just a standard email and you won't know until they actually look into it. But now I see this thread is a few days old already. What was the outcome for the next person?

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