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Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by daneoni, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. daneoni macrumors G4


    Mar 24, 2006
    So as some of you may know the unlock for the 3G iPhone will be released new years spurning the cat & mouse game again. I just got an iPhone 3G and im contemplating whether to unlock it or not. I have a legit account and the only reason im considering unlocking it is purely for resale value. Unlocked phones fetch more money

    But is it worth it to deal with the hassle of waiting for a patch to each official update and the associated risk of bricking?
  2. sjorge macrumors member

    Jul 30, 2008
    How about not unlocking and only doing it before you sell it?
  3. bunit macrumors regular


    Jul 14, 2007
    Westerly RI
    I totally agree. Why unlock it now if you have no need to do so?
  4. daneoni thread starter macrumors G4


    Mar 24, 2006
    I actually never thought about that. You guys are right.
  5. jmann macrumors 604


    Dec 8, 2007
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    I would only worry about unlocking it when you are going to sell it. Untill then keep updating your phone through pwnage tool so you don't update the baseband and still have the ability to unlock it in the future if you choose to do so. It will definitely increase the resell value. :D

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