General Unofficial 32-bit Mobile Substrate FIX RELEASED!!!!


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Jun 7, 2011
EDIT (17:54GMT): this is an unofficial fix and Saurik recommends against using these unofficial fixes (see THIS). On my 7.0.4 iPhone 5, I haven't encountered any problems after a day's use, frequently (manually) rebooting etc. However, your mileage may vary. I'm personally sticking with it - again, I haven't encountered any problems and it greatly helps after reboots. For example, with it, I don't need to do a three-step MS reinstall + recorder reinstall + respring sequence with my call recorder after every single reboot (see THIS).

Original post:

1, add the source Note that it'll display some warnings during discovery (see screenshot below)); it's nothing serious, just some missing user data from the control files:

2. get "Mobile Substrate fix" from the repo:

So far, on my iPhone 5, I've found it working great with:
- FakeCarrier
- my Call Recorder

Absolutely no need to reinstall MS after reboots.
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Oct 31, 2011
Read somewhere that Saurik warned against using any such third party fixes.


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Apr 8, 2011
This is not an official fix. Just more of just a temporary solution. This option is better than the other one that was out there though.


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Sep 29, 2012
He's working on it right now, and I would agree with the 1-2 days estimate. Personally, I'm waiting. I get the impatience - I want to be able to use my jailbreak, too. And I'm not saying the parrotgeek guy doesn't know what he's doing - likely he does. But IMO this is one I want to get from Saurik only.


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Apr 8, 2011
Here's what Saurik had to say about this if anyone is curious:

saurik on said:
This only works on evasi0n 1.0.1 because it relies on the feature I had evad3rs add so I could solve this problem "correctly". In that light, it probably does work (it is not "dangerous" as I described the previous ones), but there is still little point in installing it because clearly a new build of Substrate would come out soon using this new feature I got from evad3rs ;P. (Which didn't happen yet as I took Christmas Eve/Day mostly as a holiday.)
(This does, btw, also argue that what I should have had them do is just reactivate launchd.conf... or maybe done that in addition to the rc.d thing... I kind of thought about that a couple days later, wasn't certain if it would work, and didn't have the energy to go back and beg for a different feature. Whatever... the rc.d thing probably needed to be done someday anyway... but maybe I will try to talk to planetbeing today.)


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Oct 5, 2010
32-bit Mobile Substrate FIX RELEASED!!!!

It's easier to wait if you focus on other things in life like friends, girls, working out, etc. Then before you know it, MS will be out for 64 bit devices!
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