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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Lehigh45, Oct 22, 2011.

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    After searching the forums, I found a few RingTone threads but they seemed to fade after a few pages or people just post what they have and never provide downloadable links.

    So, I figured we could start this thread where everyone could post ALL their favorite RingTones/Alerts and leave downloadable links along with it - sort of like the WallPaper thread.

    Also, to keep things organized, I could update the OP as we go. :D

    Let's get started!
    (I had already posted this in one of the other threads but will leave it here as well)

    Euro Trip, "Mail Mother_____":

    Homer Simpson, "You've Got Mail":

    Mario Brothers 'Coin' Sound Effect:

    Mario Brothers 'Pause' Sound Effect:

    Uncharted 1 Music Theme RingTone:

    PS3 Trophy Chime:
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    I'm using ringtones from my app. You can get really high pitched tones... Annoy the crap out of someone... Or use in a setting where you don't want someone knowing your phone is ringing (a teacher-set the tone higher so they don't hear it). Younger people hear higher tones that adults can't anymore. :)

    Search: BoomButton in the app store.

    10,000 hz

    Up to

    17,000 hz

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