Unreliable Enter Key on MBA 2013


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Jul 28, 2014
North Carolina
I'm an extremely heavy user of my MBA 2013 13". I've recently run into a problem with the keyboard. I type almost 12 hours a day, for work and programming. I am also a writer on the side. I'm a touch typist, meaning I type without looking at the keys amongst other things.
Anyhow, my enter key has become rather unreliable. I do not eat or drink by my MBA, I do not do anything that would cause dust to get underneath the keys (except perhaps running a fan by my desk). However, if I do not press the enter key hard enough, or if I press the wrong "part" of the key (corners) it will not send it through. This would not be such a huge issue; I could just press it harder, but this is a hindrance since I type so much.
Any advice? Is there any service that I could do to fix this issue. My MBA is still under warranty, but the Apple store is 45-60 minutes away.


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Aug 27, 2012
Once I did a 200 miles drive just to find the exact wheels I wanted on my skates.

No magic dude, unless there is an authorized apple depot closer.


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Jun 13, 2011
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Talk to the Apple store, set up an appointment which fits your schedule, take a nice leisurely drive & get the issue fixed.

$0.02 worth.