Unresponsive finder after restart

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by TexasChemE, Dec 9, 2011.

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    Oct 28, 2011
    Hey guys -

    I've had this problem for a while now, and I kinda just got over it, but now it is starting to get a little annoying. Starting a few months ago, I would restart my MacBook Pro (i7 2.0GHz, 8Gb Ram with OS X 10.7.2), and I would log, my desktop would load, but finder would be unresponsive. I would get the spinning wheel, but everything would be unresponsive, so I would have to force shut down my computer, and then boot it back up. On the second boot up though, everything seems to work normally. The unresponsiveness only seems to happen when I "restart" my computer instead of shutting the computer completely down, and then powering it back up. Can anyone shed some light on to why this may be happening and provide a possible fix for it?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Oct 5, 2003
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    Try creating another user. Boot with the new user and see if that happens.
    If the problem is gone, then there is something in particularly messing things up.
    Open Activity Monitor and check what is running.
    Open the Console and check for errors.

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