unsecure 10.5 on network?

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    So I attend my local community college, I use their network with my laptop, and other macs show up on the network under "shared". For most all there is is a "dropbox" folder on their local drive (or something) others actually have file sharing enabled and I can go through their stuff (not that I do). Anyway I check system pref> sharing and I don't have anything checked for sharing but I read on the cornell website its possible to set up a built in firewall. I don't have that on my 10.5. Is that a 10.6 feature? is a free firewall install anywhere? Do I have to worry?

    even if others can't go through my files the possibility of them being able to load stuff on my computer (if thats what that "dropbox" thing was) kinda scary? Am I over (or under!) thinking this???
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    Have you checked System Preferences > Security > Firewall?
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    You most certainly have a firewall and you are not over thinking this in the least. So the details:

    1.) Go to system preferences ->Security-> Firewall
    2.) You have a couple options unless you actually need extra services besides the basics set the firewall to allow essential services only. This will block almost everything and keep you the most secure. If you need help figuring out more detailed settings post what kinds network things you need to do and I will do my best to help you.
    3.) Click the advanced button
    a.)Enable Stealth Mode and Firewall Logging
    4.) You are now secured behind the firewall this should be more then enough for your situation unless you go to school with a bunch of hackers.

    As far as file-sharing and open ports close them all unless you are actively using them. So in the sharing section nothing should be checked unless you explicitly use it. (again if you need help evaluating I can do my best)

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    Oct 6, 2010
    Stealth Mode

    This is extremely helpful! When I checked the firewall log, many messages appear like this:'Firewall[39]: Stealth Mode connection attempt to UDP

    What does this mean? There are many entries like this. Thanks!!
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    It could mean that you had a P2P application running at one time like Transmission, or Vuze or some other bit torrent client. But you have quit that client and the 'outside' world is still looking for that client data.

    OR with Bonjour, which is a networking kinda of plug and play, another device on your network is advertising itself and UDP is carrying that traffic. A printer for instance - Or, if someone is sharing a iTunes or iPhoto library on your network. If your network allows to for file sharing between end users, you will see this message

    UDP is another network protocol that the Mac and PC's use to transport data. It can be a good thing or a bad thing.

    Bottom line: For me, I keep an occasional eye, but generally ignore and accept that I get the entries. Your firewall is doing it's job.

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