Unsettling Little Issues...please help.


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Jun 3, 2009

I have had a few issues with start up, after I updated my last Mac OSX, but they were minor...like not starting up right away and I had to take the battery out.

But today I turned on my Macbook, and it had a message stating that the system thought it was June 2000! and it would screw up some of my applications. I changed the date and time, but I can't find anyone posts with this issue.

Just wondering if this is a flag to an issues to come, I can avoid.
I just worry because I was a Windows person for so long, and the first sign of trouble comes with little error messages.

If anyone can clear it up for me please.
Thanks you


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Jul 26, 2004
Montreal, QC
Sounds like the PRAM battery is dead. It's not a huge issue and won't hurt anything else, but it is annoying. Is the computer under warranty? If so, your warranty should cover the repair. Otherwise, if you're comfortable cracking the case open yourself, ifixit.com may have a replacement guide for your model. The battery itself should be fairly inexpensive.
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