Unsolved Text edit problem - upload and/or copy/paste issue

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by knew2mack, Aug 15, 2011.

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    I posted this question 2 weeks ago, got 1 reply, to which I replied, yet the icon on the left of the threads is 'closed' or whatever the proper word is for 'answered question' or 'completed'........

    I still need help with this - please!!!!!!

    My problem is below and I was offered a suggestion of formatting - My resume is in Text Edit - when I upload or copy/paste and then preview it, the words are all over the place. When I try to correct it, I am unable to move the text that is now positioned on the left, to where it needs to be.

    I'm not sure of how to do this correctly. I have it saved as an RTF - as suggested but still the same issues.

    Hope everyone is having a great day!!!


    Hi everyone.....

    Are you sure it's not Monday?? I"m feeling a bit of Monday Madness just a brewin'.....

    Ok, I'm trying to get a job! Don't wanna - but gotta!! When I EITHER copy/paste or upload my resume, when I get to the part in the application where I can preview all of my stuff, it's all screwed up....no format at all....just words all mixed up.

    Also, when I try to fix it, just tab or space bar, from the far left (where pretty much everything is), it does not allow me to move the words. It does, however, allow me to go one character in and move the rest of that line, but I still have that 1st letter/character on the far left.

    After the line is where I want it to be, if I try to go back and delete that 1st character, it then moves the line I successfully placed, to the beginning, LEFT, again, where I am unable to tab/move/space bar the 1st character.

    I hope I'm explaining this correctly and someone has some insight. Oh, I'm using TextEdit....I have no experience with Text Wrangler, even though I have it installed.....this seems like it's something really simple, that I am overlooking & having such a difficult time figuring out!!!!

    Please help me, my virtual friends, please help me so I can get some $$$ flowing back into this place.

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    Is your resume in TextEdit ?

    Try saving a copy of your resume in TextEdit but with rtf format....
    Sounds like a formatting problem.
    If that does not help then save agin but using one of the Word formats (Word 97)...
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    yep, it's saved in Text Edit and in rtf format. Not sure how to do anything else.....it continues to happen for every single copy/paste or uploading of my resume - it's so frustrating, having to retype the ENTIRE thing over
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    Just wondered how do you upload your resume and to where?

    Are you doing copy/paste from within the resume or from some source outside the resume?

    The behavior you describe sounds odd to me. I use TextEdit a lot since it's enough for me without messing around with Pages.

    Not sure how familiar you are with word processing in general, but there's an issue of how a line break shows up. When you are simply typing and keep typing, then the window manager goes to the next line when you reach the edge of the window. However, if the window is not the same as the print formatting, then the text looks strange. On the same vein, if you use return yourself and display, then it looks strange as well.

    I always had some difficulty long long ago when I first started using a word processor - it took me a while to get the issue of a text wrap from the edge of the window VS a hard CR.

    Maybe you could attach a portion of the file to the thread and I could look at it for you.

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