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    I need to get a new main computer and I am torn between the refurbished 13" MBA with 256gb SSD or this refurbished 15" MBP.

    I do my gaming on a custom PC so gaming doesn't concern me. I do mostly basic tasks and some occasional DSLR video editing. I do like having a super drive but I guess I can always use the external one with the MBA. What do you guys suggest?
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    The 13" screen may feel a bit cramped when using PS. That is one of the main reasons why I'm opting for a 15" MBP.

    Other then the occasional editing of images, it sounds like the MBA may be a good fit. You have a PC to do a lot of the heavy lifting and if you want a machine for surfing, emailing, etc. The the MBA fits that very nicely.

    The downside of an MBA is its lack of expandability, at least compared to the MBP
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    If you are concerned about the portability of the machine, the MBA is obviously the way to go. I'm not saying anything controversial there. But if your concern about that machine is the lack of the drive, then why not use remote disk? (as I understand it, though never used it, you can use either a pc or mac with remote disk).

    If you need the screen or the computing power then get the MBP.

    Just observations...
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    If it comes down to storage, go with the Pro...Otherwise the MBA is a great machine, but 256GB isn't much when you start filling it up.

    I have both an AIr and a 17" pro....The pro still does the studio work, although carting it around has made my arms several inches longer..:D
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    Mar 18, 2011
    Oh never mind. after re-reading, you cannot burn with remote disk. my bad. I'm assuming with your dslr work you need to burn...


    Completely agree. Good Call Macman45
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    If you want portability then go for the Air, if you want more power then go with the pro. I really regret getting the 13in pro and not the 11in air. As I only use the laptop for reading, email, web, and writing school essays and power points. The airs are a lot more portable.

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