Unusual problem with MacBook Pro trackpad... and other issues (help)

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by App1€, Sep 3, 2013.

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    Jun 27, 2008
    Welp as of late my MacBook has gone to crap. I have a 13 inch 2011 MBP

    Lets start with the most pressing issue I suppose. At a family party my 3 year old cousin knocked my MBP off a table about 4 feet off the ground. Much to my surprise the only issue was a crack in the trackpad. the trackpad still worked fine and did not hinder me in any way so I did not think much of it. Currently the trackpad has begun to push it's way out of the unibody and is now protruding out all around with the exception of one corner. I can no longer click at all with it, but scrolling still works fine.

    Shortly after this I began to experience issues with my charger, but was unable to bring it to an apple store as I was away at school. As a quick fix I bought a temporary after market charger from Amazon to hold me over until I got home from school. This worked for a bit but then I started to notice battery life issues. I also got a warning about the battery saying it needed to be serviced, but once again that had to wait until I was home from school. When I did finally take it in my warranty was expired and they were being less then helpful because of the crack in the trackpad. Nothing got accomplished.

    My last issue and one that I am much less concerned about has been my Macs inability to run videos smoothly. I first noticed when I tried to Skype, the video was laggy and choppy while the audio was perfect. Thinking it could have been bad Internet or something of the sort I quickly dismissed it. That is until I went to watch Netflix later that night at had the same issue. I quickly switched to iTunes and tried to watch a video from there. Same thing incredibly choppy playback. As I was switching between apps I also started to notice my dock didn't flow as smoothly when scrolling along it. I have dockflow in and normally the apps have a nice rainbow effect as everyone knows, but this time there was a definitive lag to the effect.

    I am hoping there will be a way to fix these issues so I can salvage my Mac, but if not I'd also like to know quickly so I can get something new to use
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    Jun 30, 2008
    Sounds like your battery is toast or damaged, that would explain the bulge under the trackpad and [correct me if I'm wrong here], the battery is tied to system performance, i.e. your computer will run slower without a battery in there.
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    Jun 27, 2008
    Hmm that would make a lot of sense and explain all of the issues. Assuming that's correct then could I in theory remove the battery and run it entirely off the power cord?

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