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Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by OldCorpse, Mar 4, 2015.

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    I'm on a late 2009 iMac, and Mavericks 10.9.5, everything up to date.

    This used to happen occasionally, but now happens almost constantly:

    1) I QUIT an application - could be anything: Calculator, TextEdit, Journler etc.

    2) The application quits, but then some other application that has been minimized to the dock, immediately pops up out of the minimized state to now occupy center stage - any unrelated application, like Vuze, etc.

    3) Recently things have gotten worse, and now an application that is not minimized but can be triggered by a key combo or by clicking in the dock, suddenly pops up as if it's been triggered, when it has not been (in this case Overflow) - just because I quit some other unrelated application.

    This is super annoying.

    Also, I don't know if this is related, but when I open a specific document from TextEdit, it also opens the last document I opened before - unrelated, and completely unwanted by me. Annoying.

    Any idea what's going on and how to stop it?
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    Jan 24, 2011
    Worth a try

    Don't know whats going on but suspect I would run all of OnyX Apps maintenance and rebuilding scripts after DISK WARRIOR as my first response.

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