unwanted login screen


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Jun 19, 2013
I would much appreciate any help or comments regarding the following issue:

I use MacBook Pro i7, 8 GB, ML 10.8.4., MB < 1 year old. When I move three fingers up and down the trackpad twice and tap once immediately after this, the OS brings up a login screen. (I obviously don't want this...). I am not quite sure whether it started after upgrade to 10.8.4., but it seems like a new problem.

Is it a flaw, a mechanical problem with the trackpad, or a feature?



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Jun 15, 2012
It's almost certainly an incorrect setting.

What do you want to happen when you move three fingers up and down? Do you have "three finger drag" checked in Trackpad preferences?

Are you sure it's a login screen, and not just the password lock that comes up with the screensaver?