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Discussion in 'iPad' started by iRaynor SK, Mar 26, 2016.

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    Is here an iOS app with unzip extension?

    For example, I have ZIPed file in app "Sync from BitTorent" and I need to unpack ZIP archive without copying archive to other app.

    Why do I need it?

    For example, I need copy many files from "Textastic" to "Sync by BitTorent", but "Open with..." accepts only one file so I zip it in "Textastic", so it becomes an one file and then copy it to "Sync by BitTorrent" and here unzip. But that "Sync by BitTorrent" cannot unzip files and that is a problem.

    Note: I use Sync by BitTorent to sync my data with Mac and NAS (and iPad).

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    You can use Workflow to to this. You'd create an action extension that takes files, and it would have 2 action blocks: make zip, and then open in. Unfortunately Workflow doesn't support opening in the BTSync app directly.

    Zip Extension in Workflow

    Edit: I got confused somewhere in the body of your text, Workflow can unzip too. After this you'd want a repeat with each loop and open in inside of that.

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