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Oct 21, 2009
Tampa Area, FL
I just picked up my iPhone 13 Pro Max today and got everything setup. In my settings I get a notification icon under Update Apple ID Settings and it tells me that I have to sign into iCloud so all my services will work. Ok, no problem. It won't go away. I've entered my password like 10 times (it is correct), and it just spins. I've restarted my phone, did a hard restart. Won't go away. Does anyone have this issue or know how to fix it? Everything seems to be working fine. I hate seeing that little red dot.


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Mar 22, 2014
Derbyshire UK
Did you get an answer… I have this

Been showing this all morning and will not complete


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Jul 18, 2012
This happened to me. I signed it off Apple account and back in, and it was gone.
I agree just sign out of iCloud and back in and maybe do Aquino reboot and it should go away. And just make sure you set everything up in your new phone in settings and it should go away
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