Update! Does Apple repair all macs sent in for repair?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by MsGigi, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. MsGigi macrumors newbie

    Apr 2, 2010
    I took my late 2007 macbook in because the case was cracked. I read that this was a known issue and they would repair for free.(I had no warranty) also my battery was expanding and bloated, so much that it will no longer fit in my comp.

    When I took it in, the tech said that my bottom case was cracked and he said that wasn't part of the known issue. He said it was caused by accidental damage (it was cracked clean through, so much so that it could be physically separated from the comp.(I informed him that the comp had never been dropped or damaged in anyway, he apparently didn't believe me but said he would see what he could do.

    Anyway, he said he could fix the top case ( but they would not fix the bottom case)and give me a new battery although he had never seen a battery with the problem that mine had. He said it was probably expanded cells. I agreed to that as something is better than nothing but then, I asked him if the battery expanding could have caused the bottom case to crack since it was cracked near the battery compartment but on the side of the comp. After he tinkered around for a bit with the battery and the cracked part, he said he wasn't sure but he would send it in for repairs and I would not be charged.

    First he said he would quote me a repair price and I told him that I had no intentions of paying for anything. After several instances of him running to the back to talk to people, he agreed to send it in. On the repair form it is listed as tier 4 accidental damage and I know that the tier 4 comes with a hefty charge for repair. Anyway, I am out of town and my comp is scheduled to be returned to me today. I dropped it off at the apple store on the 30th, it was received by the repair center on the 1st, repaired today( the second) and shipped back to me today and scheduled to be delivered today as well.

    I was trying to find out if they actually repaired the bottom case or not as I will not be home to receive my comp until next week sometime. The repair form also said call if additional repairs are needed to quote a price. I have not received any calls at this number and do not know if they left any messages on my home phone. The repair turnaround seems rather quick and I was just wondering if they actually repaired it or sent in back in the same condition.

    Apple support has no details of the actual repair just the time it was received, repaired and sent back to me. Also will they just leave it outside because no one is home to receive it?
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    tl; dr

    In response to your thread title... yes.
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    Some formatting would easily enhance the reading capability of your post.

    Hmm, thought it would enhance it.

    But yes to your title.

    And the leaving on the front door part depends on the delivery service, but with such an expensive toy, one would think they would not do that.
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    Apr 2, 2010
    Thanks for responding!!

    I thought about making proper paragraphs but I was racing against a drained pc battery. I was trying to get my post in before the comp completely shut down on me.:p
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    Whether or not the package is left at the door depends on the service requested by the sender.

    1. If the sender requires signature, then it will not be left.
    2. If the sender does not require signature, it will most likely be left.

    Exceptions to 2 include apartment buildings and houses without an appropriate area to place the package. This depends on the carrier company and the delivery person.

    Apple has never sent me anything that did not require signature including repairs and low value items (iPod nanos, etc). So, I can say with a lot of confidence that it will require signature and will not be left outside by the carrier (unless the carrier misses that it requires signature).
  6. MsGigi thread starter macrumors newbie

    Apr 2, 2010
    Just an update. I received my macbook today. They received it, repaired it and shipped it back to me all in the same day but I had fed ex hold it because i was out of town.

    I purchased my mac in late 2007 and did not purchase apple care so my macbook was wayyyyyyyy out of warranty. I took it to the apple store so they could fix a cracked top case (known issue) and an expanded battery. Imagine my surprise that they not only gave me a new top case and battery but a bottom case as well(something they told me was due to accidental damage and could not fix.) In addition to that they also replaced my superdrive, display bezel( it looks new because mine also had a hairline crack there near the camera which is no longer there) heatpipe, connector, and cable.

    Apple rules!
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    And with those five Return keystrokes, you wouldn't have made it! :eek:

    Sounds like you've almost got a new Mac. ;)

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