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    So I'm using EyeTV in conjunction with a dual tuner DVR that way I don't miss any shows that might be on at the same time as my primary recordings also since EyeTV can sometimes screw up a recording I'm using the DVR as a backup. I have to travel for work and rather than take the risk of having my roommate play with it, I'd like to be able to access the STB Menu and Guide through EyeTV's IR Blaster in order to get at my DVR'd shows (mostly the secondary recordings) via ScreenSharing. Since the EyeTV is capable of powering the STB on/off and changing the channel I figure this is a pretty simple command. So basically I want to be able to send some basic IR commands (Menu, Guide, Up, Down, Select) to the EyeTV IR Blaster. I'm not sure if any of this is possible but if any of you have ideas on the matter it would be most appreciated.

    Edit: As I've continued to play with this I've switched from an IR Blaster to a Firewire setup. I can control the STB through EyeTv or AV/C browser, and I can through various button presses access the EPG, Change Channels, etc. The one thing I still can't access is the DVR menu. I think I need the right Hex Code but I"m unable to find what might work...

    Edit 2: So I'm updating this post as a personal log and because my numerous Googling has failed to show a similar solution (however poor) and if anyone happens to read my convoluted setup and has a suggestion to simplify matters it would be most appreciated. After getting the Firewire setup working I still was unable to access the DVR menu. Just before giving up on being able to control the cable box completely through the EyeTv and my Mac Mini I remembered that the IR Blaster setup for EyeTV has the option to enter a number of different commands before or after the channel number (Ok, Select, Menu!, etc). To make life harder the various utilities for controlling EyeTV over firewire fail to work in the IR Blaster setup screen so now I have a dual setup. The firewire is necessary to navigate the STB Menu as Apple's AV/C Browser features a control pad but I need the IR Blaster to even get to the Menu. My main issue is that EyeTV appears capable of doing so much more but the features are hidden in setup screens. I can power on and off the STB and even access the IPG and DVR but only if I go through the STB editor. Surely there's a script or hack out there to make the program do these things without accessing an editor where one wrong click and I end up resetting EyeTV's channel guide (which I've done twice today). If you have similar issues or suggestions for my own wacky obsession here's a good place to post it.
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    Maybe try a different program? I found a program called iRed, which looks to be a software based universal remote. It may not be an exact fit since it looks like it hasn't been updated for a while and it appears to target a specific IR Device. Anyway, I only looked for a couple of minutes, so some more determined searching might find something that fits your needs...
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    I don't have a real great solution, but I may have an idea to try.

    Is it possible to hook up both an eyetv hd and a slingbox to the same dvr?

    Slingbox: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/sling-media-slingbox-350/6578328.p?id=1218760187865&skuId=6578328

    I have a motorola dvr that I use with an eyetv hd. Instead of connecting it via the eyetv ir blaster, I use a direct connect cable from the ebay seller below:


    Maybe you could use a y type cable to allow both a slingbox or the eyetv hd to control the box as needed? If it works you simply use the slingbox for the internal dvr programs, and the eyetv to watch whatever you recorded with that method.

    The only issue I see is accidentally messing up the eyetv recording by controlling the video feed with the slingbox during the recording. Also, if the eyetv thinks it is already on the correct tv channel, can the eyetv be set to blast anyway, or does it only blast when it thinks it needs to change the channel?

    I don't have a slingbox to actually test to see if a y type cable will work to allow both devices to ir blast the cablebox, so this is untested.

    EDIT: Maybe you don't need to try and split the ir input if you already control the eyetv with the firewire. If the cablebox remote works while connected to firewire, you should be able to use a normal ir blaster cable, or the cable above.

    Also, on my motorola cablebox, if anything is plugged into the ir remote input (such as the ir direct cord) it disables the internal ir receiver. That works great for me as my eyetv cablebox is in the same room as my normal tv cablebox, and they don't cross signals. This setup would not be feasible if this was a livingroom cablebox however.
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    I have a sling box and Mac Mini set up, and it works fine.
    However, I do not use the EYETV as a true DVR, I use it to record off shows from my DVR (in real time, unfortunately). So yes, you could easily change channels while a recording was going on.

    But as for the Original Poster,

    when you said you could not access the DVR via the Remote, but COULD access MENU... from the Menu screen, can you not scroll to "DVR"? Our Motorla box from Verizon Fios has that functionality, so in a pinch if you can hit menu, you then go down to DVR, the DVR Recordings. 3 steps instead of one button but it works.

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