Update iOS, but not to 4.x


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Jul 29, 2010
I've got a 3G that is currently running iOS 3.0.1. I would like to jailbreak it, so I don't want to run 4.x. But I would like to something higher than what I"m on right now (like 3.1.3). Is there somewhere I can download the OS, and how do I install it? iTunes only offers the latest OS version. Can I download it (where?) and do a restore? I'm planning on jailbreaking.


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Jun 23, 2010
wow that's amazing!!!!!! & :cool: so there is a place called Google that allows people to ask questions and get answers! I'm amazed what will they think of next!!! great find!
Yes its quite revolutionary and magical :cool: Another amazing thing this same functionality is available on my phone, my iPhone. Gosh these smartphones really live up to their name. If only Google existed when MacRumors started in 04 ... :rolleyes:
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