Update music directory from iTunes/iTunes Media to newer Music/Media


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Dec 6, 2003
Long Island, NY
No issues here with Catalina or the new Music app but to keep things neat and tidy, I'd like to switch the directory for my music library. I've noticed Catalina now uses ~/Music/Music/Media/ as the default where it was previously ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/.

I tried going in the Music app > Preferences > Files > & Clicking "Reset" to change to the new default directory then File > Library > Organize Library & selecting the "Reorganize" option.

When I add new items to the Music library, they are placed in the new directory but all existing files/folders are still in the older directory.


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Jan 17, 2020
Very irritating! But I think even iTunes would make you drag and drop your music library onto the apps icon to reload/rebuild it's data base of files if you moved anything around making you rebuild all your collections etc every time