update on apple customer serive with my mbp 17"

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Cavanboy18, Jun 23, 2009.

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    May 29, 2009
    wall of text but good read i think if you wanna know some good quality applecare.

    so about a week ago i turned my laptop over to apple to get the top part replaced cus the lcd was bowed. they replaced the bowed top part. but at the same time left my airport card out. so then i had to go back to apple store today and get them to reinstall my airport card. i had the old new 2009 unibody 17" fyi. also on a side note after they tinkered with my laptop it started acting real weird. i would choose to turn off my mac and it would restart instead, and if i plugged my magsafe in while the computer was off it would power on. so at anyrate, i let him know of that issue while i am getting my airport card reinstalled. he takes my laptop into the back then comes back out says that they have no idea were my airport card is and they will have to order a replacement. at this point i am a little ancy cus now i would have to come back again for a problem i did not cause nore was it because my computer has malfunctioned. so he says i have two options he says i can leave my laptop here let him figure out what is wrong with it while im waiting on the airport card to come in or he would call me and i can just bring in my laptop again when the airport card comes in. i ponder for a minute and ask what if you just replace? after i say that he ponders for a minute and says be right back. he comes back 20 minutes later and says we dont normally do this but we messed up and dont want to cause you anymore dilemma will replace your laptop. i say thanks a bunch i really appreciate it. now the cool thing is he comes back and lets me know the unibody has been updated and they dont have any of the model i have anymore and will give me a the newer model in exchange. i was like AWESOME 500gig hard drive from 320gigs and 2.66 ghx to 2.8ghz. i was like thank you very much for doing this for me. told the manager this genius by far is the most helpful and humble employe you have. then we spend about another hour just going over basics and stuff while transferring my files to the new laptop. i believe this Apple Genius went above and beyond the standards of customer service. his name was tyler at the Tysons Corner VA apple store. i am psyched about the upgrade but i am more over impressed with the quality in customer service i got from him and how helpful he was more over then the other two geniuses i have worked with prior with my laptop. 1st genius was a condescending jack-hole about being a mac genius. the other was just a jerk in general. also i have to thank holly the store manager at tysons for being very pleasant to talk to also while in this whole ordeal. they rectified the situation in the end in a quality way. I now know not to judge apple just by one genius i deal with.
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    What a 180 :D I'm glad things worked out in your favour.
    On a side note, there should have been a 3rd option hahaha!
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    tl; dr. Split that up into paragraphs, at least...
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    The OP had a screen defect with a previous generation MacBook Pro 17". Geniuses stole his airport card. He asked for a replacement, as there were still issues present. Genius gives him the newer 17". The Genius went above and beyond; praise.

    Congrats though. :p I dislike Geniuses because, as you said, their very condescending. It appears you got a good one. :)
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    Congrats! I guess I'm fortunate to have cool Geniuses at the Apple Store in my area (GTA); haven't talked to anyone who was full of themselves, stuck up or rude though I find one provides better service and more customer orientated than others (Apple Store @ Yorkdale).

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