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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mikehockenballs, Apr 15, 2011.

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    I am due to get a brand new iPhone 4 tomorrow and I was wondering if I should update the firmware to 4.3 right away before I add any other apps etc.. to it?

    I do not know what version the phone will have on it until I get it opened as it is sealed.
    Also, what does registering it on iTunes do to the phone and should I bother doing it at all?

    I was thinking of jailbreaking the phone but I am not sure now, I think I will try and keep the phone legit so that I can update via iTunes without any problems.
    What are the benefits of jailbreaking the iPhone 4 compared to jailbreaking the 1st gen iPhone which I still have?

    Are there any worthwhile apps which I cannot get from the apps store but I can do via Cydia?

    And what 'killer' apps are there out there that are a must have on the iPhone 4? Which Sat Nav app is the best for the iPhone 4 and are the free ones any good?

    Any advice would be appreciated!


    Mike :)
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    "Registering" it on iTunes activates it (unless you buy it at a provider's store and they activate it for you).
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    I believe it starts the warranty.

    If you are even considering jailbreaking, don't update. First thing you should do is back up SHSH with TinyUmbrella. Then you can always go back.

    More than I could count! I would not get an iphone if it wasn't jailbroken. Some of my favorite cydia apps: lockinfo for notifications, google voice integration, volume button for camera, sbsettings, wifi hotspot, folders with more than 12 icons, etc.

    Way to many to list.

    My favorite Nav app is either navigon or motionX drive. I prefer navigon of the two because it's local storage and works on both ipad/iphone. Waze is a good free one but doesn't compare to the paid ones.

    Some other recommendations: pulse news, dragon dictation, netflix, kindle, stitcher radio, camera+, runkeeper, craigsapp, 2do, google translate, airVideo.
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    Mar 23, 2011
    +1 for MotionX drive, though I have not tried navigon.

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