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    Hey, I have recently began stalking this site and getting to know the mac world again after a few years of not visiting. My name is Dan, and as my username made years ago sugests, I own a MacBook. (haha)

    Okay well my system is a 13" White Late 2007 MacBook SantaRosa chipset ( I am fairly sure). 2.2ghz, 120gb HDD, 4gb RAM. (Paid $2199 for xmas 2007).

    I only use it now as a net browser, music/video player, and where I download things illegally on, (piratebay, torrents etc). All my other stuff, graphics etc etc is on my 27" iMac.

    Because it is almost 5 years old, I feel the time to invest in a new apple laptop is approaching. But I think this is more of a want than a need. All I do is use iTunes, Firefox, quicktime/VLC and uTorrent on this macbook anymore, so do I really need to dish out AUD$1200+?

    I love the 13" for a laptop I use at the moment, and want to keep this size. Stock specs are fine, all I store is music, some apps, all my movies/videos go onto an external HDD. And I can upgrade my RAM myself via OTC I assume still (to 16gb in the current MBP).

    Or I could follow some guides from ifixit.com and upgrade my hdd to 500/750gb (7200rpm) to speed up my machine as it is always getting full.

    So my questions/statements
    1. Is it worth upgrading to an MBAir/MBP 13" for the purposes require? Reasons for/against.
    2. If I did upgrade, MBAir/MBP which one? Reasons for/against.
    3. Does my MacBook (MacBook 3,1 ; Late 2007) have the ability to handle a SSD instead of the HDD?
    4. How do I clean my MacBook (screen+keyboard+case), link to guides/videos is fine.
    5. Is my current MacBooks battery in really good battery condition, I think? How long will my battery last (till it dies) ?
    6. If I choose MBAir, then I cant upgrade RAM myself so will have to max it out on apple store costing more money. (?)

    7. If I do choose to upgrade, how much of an improvement can I expect (to see/feel) given the pretty easy tasks I will use this new macbook for?
    8. I run Snow Leopard 10.6.8 on my current old macbook, should I upgrade to Mountain Lion in July or not worth it... hmmm?

    Some notes;
    This MacBook still plays FullHD 1080p movies on an external sony bravia 40" FINE, lag free. It takes about ~2mins to boot up to functioning properly. Can still run firefox with 20+ tabs open without problems.

    Really good battery condition, I think? How long will my battery last?

    MacBook info
    - 2.2Ghz, 4Gb, 120Gb HDD
    - Snow Leopard 10.6.8
    - [Battery]
    Full charge capacity (mAh): 4493
    Health Information: Cycle count: 543
    Condition: Normal

    New MacBook(s) [$AUD apple.com.au/store]

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    Jan 9, 2012
    Welcome back to MacRumors, Dan.

    1.It is definitely worth the upgrade to a current MBA. I would not go for the MBP if I was you, seeing as you don't need as much storage. The Air should be more than suitable for what you plan to do with your computer.

    2. Since you like the 13" screen size, I'd recommend a 13" Air.

    3. Yes, SSDs should be fine on your old MacBook, if you can find the right one.

    4. Since yours is a white MacBook, I'd use a Magic Eraser to clean your MacBook. Check out this video for some help.

    How to clean a white MacBook

    5. Your question is unclear. If you're talking about the new laptops, they can last for up to a solid 6 hours.

    6. Yes. In the long run, you can expect a massive improvement in performance.

    7. Blazing fast speeds. Definitely an improvement. My Air boots up in 10 seconds flat.

    I hope I was of assistance to you, Dan. :)

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