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Aug 28, 2009
When I get my Mac back from the Apple store, I will update to PB6, and to the GM when it is finally released, as I have found Yosemite very stable so far, however my recommendation to those who want to update on day one is clone your hard drive prior to installation using either SuperDuper! or Carbon Copy Cloner.

This way, if you don't like Yosemite (or for some reason it doesn't work with your software), you can boot back to your previous OS and restore it to your main HD, and have your Mac exactly like it was just before you decided to upgrade.

It is much quicker than restoring from time machine, or nuke and paving.


Sep 10, 2013
I agree in principle but there are also a lot of people experiencing a multitude of different problems on here.

Probably because it's of their own making..Bad programs/apps...Bad download...Old programs, and apps not coded yet for the OSx Yosemite..Hardware issues. People screw around with their systems jimmason, and cause their own problems, and blame someone else like apple

If many like me that have no issues or just a minor beta issue and that is to be expected, but if I'm having no real issues than why are they ? Has to do with something at their end don't you think ? I can't be that lucky ;)


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Dec 18, 2007
(Central) NY State of mind
I make it a point to wait until the .2 or .3 release (usually based on feedback in these forums and others) even if I've tried the betas. By that time, I can be reasonably assured that my third party apps have been updated and drivers for hardware (e.g. scanners, printers) are compatible with the new OS.


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Aug 20, 2014
There is guaranteed to be teething problems with so many different types of Macs out there now. You will probably hear a lot of complaining from users running older Macs (i.e. 4-5 years old) which I think is to be expected.

Ideally it would be good to wait until 10.10.2 but it should be safe enough after the first bug fix release. I hope Apple has learned from iOS8 and repeat the same mistakes.


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Aug 28, 2009
Only if you used the guest account. Otherwise, it was pretty nice.

Only if you had the guest account enabled. You could've logged in using a non guest account.

Either way, it was a release that caused data loss. That's not a "really high standard" at all.


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Jun 7, 2007
Best OS release since Snow Leopard.

Ah, the good old days - people forget that Snow Leopard was really a dog until around 10.6.5. I remember that the Snow Leopard Mail didn't really get stable for me until 10.6.5

Now Snow Leopard is revered, but it was not rock solid at launch.


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Oct 16, 2014
After using the beta at work, if only for a couple of hours, after a short time the changes didn't really affect me.

Only a handful of things stuck out as problematic to me:

We're using 2007 iMac's and while I know that's the 'bottom end' in terms of the install specs, the font did seem quite light unlike the previews available online, and in finder it had a habit of fading into the background.

After reading others thoughts on this and not having Retina at home either, it is a slight concern. Otherwise I think the font choice is brilliant, actually. Looks very clean in the previews, hopefully mirrored as much as possible on my samsung monitor on final release.

The folders are too bright for my taste.

Ditto the dock, though dark mode and an app to change folders will be helpful here.

I'm not overly keen on Safari's re-design, there are obviously other choices so I'll look but after being a default browser for me since Snow Leopard, it's a bit disappointing. It feels sparse yet overly confusing at the same time.

Perhaps I got tired of the mind numbing work and I'm looking for something to blame on that one.

Otherwise pretty good, feels like always, buttons do what I expect them to do and I really enjoyed the transparent windows!

Might wait a while to upgrade, simply because I love Mavericks, I think it's the best OS ever put together. :cool:


Oct 2, 2010
"I'm still on SL and feeling the heat from the loss of support on quite a few applications I use. "

Time to upgrade and feel the pinch of planned obsolescence.

Your quote is the very reason why Appple, MS and all the others keep putting out new and "better" stuff, they want you to buy it.

If the last computer, pad or phone was it for all of us these Corps would go out of business.
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