updated and lost itether, please help

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    I updated to ios 7 and lost itether, which some of you might remember was an app that apple let through for a few hours before they took it down, it was a $15 app that allowed you to tether your iphone to your laptop, but when I updated to ios 7 it vanished and I don't have it on my computer anymore (I got a new computer hard drive because mine crashed), am I screwed or is there a way to redownload it? Obviously it's not under the purchased section of the app store because it was removed, but I had it and now I don't even though I paid for it. Is there a way to get it back? Could I possibly copy the app from my friends computer who also bought it when it was available and then put that on my comp and since I bought it already it would know it wasn't a cracked version and allow an install or am I just screwed?

    I have an icloud back up from march which would have it, but I can't access that back up (assuming because I'm currently on ios7 and the backup is ios 6.1)
    Please help, I'd like to get itether back for obvious reasons.

    I managed to restore from icloud, but it didn't reinstall my apps, any tips?

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