Updated and missing (found) Mac Mini drivers (Intel)

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    Apr 4, 2006
    Link 1 This is:
    "Mac Mini Windows XP driver for Infineon Trusted Platform Module" The page also states:

    ----Begin quote----
    Driver for Intel-based Mac Mini computers running Windows XP via Apple's Boot Camp. This installs full driver support for the Mac Mini's Infineon Trusted Platform Module hardware which is part of the Intel(R) 82801GBM (ICH7-M)LPC Interface Controller that the Mac Mini is built upon. The driver needs to be manually installed and should replace the "Unknown Device" inside the Device Manager if done properly.

    Infineon Trusted Platform Module hardware provides the ability for a computer to run applications more securely and to perform electronic transactions and communication more safely.

    The setup program that comes in the ZIP will not automatically install the driver for you. Make note of where the driver is extracted to and manually point the device at the directory the driver is in.
    ----End Quote----

    I can confirm this works flawlessly on my Intel Mac Mini (I have the Core Duo but I think it will work just fine on Core Solo as well).

    Also updated Mac Mini graphics drivers (Intel) here: link 2


    "Intel-based Mac Mini Graphics Drivers for Windows XP 14.20"

    More info:

    ----quote from page----
    This download is essential for Mac Mini users who are running Windows XP on their machine to play Windows-based games. These are fully DirectX accelerated display drivers, which are required for gaming while booted under Windows XP (via Apple's BootCamp software).

    New in this version:
    -Bug fixes, improved performance.
    -See complete release notes.

    And the Intel Graphics Gaming Guide

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